Thursday, September 10, 2009

SPEAKERS as of Sept 10 - Subject to Change

Tentative Speakers: (We will indicate when confirmed) Links to their websites are below.

Father David Price - CONFIRMED - Father David Price is the Assistant Pastor for Saint Christopher Old Catholic Church in Louisville, KY. Fr. David also performs home blessings and assists the Archbishop in exorcisms.Fr. David is a professional Paranormal Investigator and is very involved with Waverly Hills Sanatorium. He has a great deal of experience in working in the Paranormal Field and his professionalism is always respected by those whom he has served.Fr. David is currently studying Demonology under the guidance of the Archbishop.

ERICA BOUSSARHANE - CONFIRMED. Ericka is known as the Oprah of the Paranormal . She began reading Tarot and channeling professionally in 2004 in new age stores, psychic festivals, and on TV. She has studied psychic development and mediumship through the Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies where John Edward received training in Psychic Development, Tarot and Numerology from John Maerz and Sandy Anastasia. She is an American author, radio personality, public speaker, and professional psychic medium. She is a reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu trained energy healer. She can communicate with loved ones from the other side as a Clairvoyant Channel. Ericka volunteers her abilities to assist families with cold case profiles. She has worked with psychic detective groups such as, a team of Psychics and Retired Law Enforcement Officers. She hosts "Whispers from the Heart Radio" that has an international audience.

MARK NESBITT - CONFIRMED -Former National Park Service Ranger/Historian. He started his own research and writing company in 1977 and did research and advertising copy for some of America's best historical artists. Beginning in 1978 he began writing books, including If the South Won Gettysburg (1980), 35 Days to Gettysburg (1992), Rebel Rivers (1993), Saber and Scapegoat: J.E.B. Stuart and the Gettysburg Controversy (1994), Through Blood and Fire (1996), and the best selling Ghosts of Gettysburg Series (1991- present). Many of his stories have been seen, and/or heard, on The History Channel, A&E, The Travel Channel, Unsolved Mysteries, Coast to Coast AM, and numerous other local television programs and specials. In July of 2004, his Ghosts of Gettysburg Series received the National Paranormal Award for “Best True Hauntings Collection” and “Best ‘Local Haunt’ Guidebook”.

GLORIA YOUNG - CONFIRMED - Founder and Executive Director of Ghost Trackers of San Francisco, California. Ghost Trackers - one of very few, long established Paranormal Research Groups. Ghost Trackers are a professional research group with years of experience, utilizing a diverse group of people, educating the public with regard to ghostly activity. They are dedicated to the Research, Investigation and Documentation of Ghostly Activity in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara County Area, Northern California and its' Surrounding Western States. Ghost Trackers has been a group since 1992. Conducting discreet investigations, assisting people in need, educating the public, conducting field research and promoting the learning and understanding of ghosts and other psychic phenomena. They use the latest scientific methods and tools as well as occasional psychic investigators in our research. Ghost Trackers uses a diverse group of people from nurses and psychologists to office workers and teachers. They Trackers investigate documented and undocumented hauntings and conduct field research to gain more knowledge of the phenomenon. Ghost Trackers has the expertise of advanced technicians and scientists with all the latest equipment and are on the cutting edge of technology when conducting our investigations.

STACEY JONES CONFIRMED - Founder of Central New York Ghost Hunters - 1997
Stacey Jones is a former police officer who has always been interested in the paranormal. She decided to form her organization after she saw a need for people experiencing hauntings to come to grips with their situations and to find closure in their lives after losing a friend or loved one. She has MANY haunted stories to tell that occurred during her time as a police officer, that she was not allowed to talk about while on the force. She has been on the show "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel episodes, "Hidden Terror" and "Ghost Hunter". She has also filmed for the show "One Step Beyond". Two of Stacey's cases have won NYS Associated Press awards 2004- Best Human Interest Story "Got Ghosts?"-WTVH 2005-5 Part Series-WSTM. She has also been in the DVD "The Old Quarry and Other Haunted Places in Central New York" and will be participating in the sequel. She has been featured in numerous magazines and news articles

CHRIS MOON -CONFIRMED- Owner/Publisher of Haunted Times Magazine, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
as well as a paranormal investigator. Former lead singer and lead guitarist for the Nightmare Metal band "Cold Moon." Travels the country on a weekly basis teaching an event called Ghost Hunter University to the public in haunted hotels and bed & breakfasts and lecturing at colleges as well.

MURRAY SILVER - CONFIRMED - Author, Savannah, Georgia
He is an American writer and photographer. Born in Savannah, Georgia. He promoted rock concerts including Fleetwood Mad, The Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, Sonny & Cher, and others. He also served as a tour photographer and journalist covering Pionk Floyd, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Elton John, and others. In 1982 he published his first book Great Balls of Fire, an uncensored look at Jerry Lee Lewis that was later made into a motion picture. He later published the authobiography of George Nichopoulos, personal physician to Elvis Presley. After an introduction to the Dalai Lame he wrote numerous stories and assisted in a US tour. He has also published a Behind The Moss Curtain: And Other Great Savannah Stories. The book is mainly about ghost stories which Silver has either personally encountered or has been told about.

DUSTY SMITH - CONFIRMED - Founder, President, Lead Investigator of the Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group. She is an active certified ghost hunter and active certified paranormal researcher; she also holds several degrees in subjects that give her a unique objectivity and scientific approach to the paranormal field. She also owns & operates “Haunts of the World’s Most Famous Beach ghost tours and is president of the International Association of Cemetery Preservationists, Inc.

BILL SHARPE - President of Tampa Ghost Watchers. with over 200 members, the largest paranormal investigation group in the US. Bill has lead investigative trips to Niagara Falls, Gettysburg, St. Augustine, Cedar Key, and more. Several Tampa locations investigated by Tampa Ghost Watchers have garnered the interest of national paranormal tv crews and others.

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